Meghon Ellingsworth

Turbo KickĀ® Instructor

Meghon-E-pic.jpgMeghon has been active almost her entire life. She has been dancing since she was 5; jazz, ballet, pointe, and hip hop. In middle and high school she ran cross country and track and was also a part of her high school cheerleading team. Meghon has always tried to find ways to keep active and keep her love of fitness and dance a part of her life. Meghon started coming to Bounce Aerobics in 2012 to try to find a way to get back into shape after she put fitness and a healthy lifestyle on the back burner due to work and school. She quickly fell in love with Zumba and Turbo Kick. Meghon decided to get certified to teach Turbo Kick in April of 2013 to be able to take her fitness journey to another level and to spread her love of Turbo Kick and fitness to everyone she can. She has been committed to keeping a healthy lifestyle and bringing positivity and joy to everyone around her. She has managed to lose 15lbs since joining Bounce. When not at Bounce Aerobics you can find Meghon spending time with her husband, her family, and her cat Leela. During the day she is a Special Education Itinerant Teacher at KidStart of Livingston County, but at almost any night of the week you are sure to find her smiling and giving it everything she's got at many of Bounce's amazing classes!