Nichole Linzy

Hip Hop Hustle™ Instructor

NicholeL.jpgNicky has always loved dance. In elementary school she took tap, jazz, and ballet classes and loved mimicking Britney Spears for High School talent show performances and taking part in musicals. After being a few years into her busy career as a hairstylist, she found herself needing something to bring dance back into her life as well as to keep her occupied while her husband was on his 2nd deployment. She fell in love with the energy and environment of Bounce Aerobics and how every single class made working out fun! After noticing positive changes in appearance, mood and learning more about healthy eating and the wonders of Shakeology, Nicky made Bounce a big part of her everyday life. Always favoring Zumba and Hip Hop Hustle she was given the push that she needed to become an instructor for both in 2013. After many trainings with Christine and Maria, Nicky learned all of the important factors behind being a great instructor, and was able to teach her 1st Hip Hop Hustle class in the summer of 2013 as she continues to build and perfect more Zumba routines!