Stephanie Taglialatela

PiYo Strengthâ„¢ Instructor

StephanieTbw.jpgStephanie is married with 2 puppies, has always lived in Rochester, and works full time for the Wegmans Corporate Office. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology (Exercise/Movement Science) and has always known the importance of an active lifestyle (Thanks to her mother!) but when work and life got busy, good exercise habits slipped. Then in early 2012 she started running with her mom and making exercise a priority. This is when she discovered Bounce Aerobics and all the wonderful instructors and exciting group exercise classes! Stephanie has since lost 35 pounds, and run over 60 races, including 2 marathons and 4 Half marathons. She credits her success to learning the importance of strength training (even for women!) that is why she has grown to love PiYo. Using your own body weight to build up your strength and muscle in both upper and lower body. This has helped her in all aspects of her health including lowering her cholesterol, increasing endurance both in exercise classes at Bounce and in running races, and helped her achieve a healthy body weight. Almost every day of the week she ditches her desk and office chair to rock out to pretty much every class Bounce offers -why not give them all a try!?